Pricing Model

With federal contracting opportunities growing as a consequence of the growth in set-asides, 8(a), Small and Medium businesses will field the pursuit of more opportunities. B&P resources for 8(a), Small and Medium businesses do not enjoy the same order of magnitude resource dedication Large or Tier 1 firms can muster. Accordingly Limerick Consulting offers a Firm Fixed Pricing Scenario, with multiple options designed to control spend.

Our FFP model can be hours based where we employ a billable ceiling to protect small and medium businesses from unpredictable costs. Also available is a FFP proposal project model based on the anticipated number of weeks the Government will allocate between FRFP Release and Submission.



Winning Attributes

Our Services deliver the three C’s for acquiring and retaining contractual revenues from prevailing in federal government competitive bids.

  • Compliance
  • Competitively Distinguishing
  • Compelling